The story of La Petra begins with a chick and Sonia Dios, creator of our brand.

Since she was a kid, she had this unique animal very present in her life. Her notebooks in the school were always crowded of colours and these drawings.

The name of La Petra is different story but also related to her childhood. She dreamed with having someday a puppy called Petra.

This little girl who never stopped inventing, also never imagined that her drawings, games and her beloved Petra, would be the foundations of her own brand and the universe of La Petra.


La Petra is the reflection of our values, of what we like, of our passage through the world and especially of the passion for our work.

We believe in honesty, responsibility, professional ethic, family conciliation and environmental impact.

All of this makes up a solid brand, with distinct personality, an extraordinary team, in continuous growth and present in the five continents.

“Treasures that will accompany you all your life.”

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